Riveting Romantic Suspense

            Soul-stirring, romantic, thrilling -- and fun.

    ROMANCE     *     PASSION     *     FUN     *     INTENSE

Follow people from small towns--their physical and emotional struggles, and how they overcome them; how they triumph over their deepest fears and draw comfort from their animals. Most importantly, share their love and romance--from that first flutter, that surprising feeling of breathlessness, the trepidation, and finally the delicious surrender.



Capricorn Cravings - Small town veterinarian Riley Shaughnessy knows sexy Powell Stewart could be the serial killer, but she is helpless to stop the chemistry between them from evolving.

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Riley's Story


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  If you like romance and emotive suspense, with a touch of uniqueness, pour yourself a glass of wine or a steaming mug of hot chocolate, curl up in a comfortable spot, and enjoy the journey into my world.